BHS Job Vacancies

by admin on September 14, 2010

At British Home Stores, there are so many reasons to be proud. Being one of UK’s leading High Street brands, there are numerous opportunities here. For all your needs like furniture, homeware, lighting, weddings, baby, kids, men and women, BHS is the first store that comes to mind for getting the right items. If you’re in the job market, BHS just might be the company where you can experience growth, development and satisfaction. There are so many BHS job vacancies and you can choose from working in the head office, in store or even by region. In every kind of position in BHS job vacancies, you’re given a lot of chances to shine, become a pride of the company and become proud of the company you work for.

The BHS mission in filling spots in BHS job vacancies is that they get to change the face of their stores so that customers are always excited about their offers. Become part of this company and help it achieve its dreams of providing for the needs and wants of each and every person in the UK. With changes and continuous growth occurring in BHS, they’ll need people to showcase their new innovative product ranges as well as their completely revamped interiors. Now’s your chance to get into the BHS group and the first step is by looking at the BHS job vacancies available. You have something to contribute and BHS knows the value of every person’s contribution.

In conjunction to your contributions to the development and success of BHS when you’re successful in filling a position in the BHS job vacancies, the company offers you the chance to develop to your full potential as well. Fulfill whatever career aspiration you have with the trainings and programs that BHS offers its employees. Look into the BHS career site to get insight as to what BHS is all about. Get to see what a great company BHS is and how you’ll be proud to work for it when you succeed in the applications process.

At the head office, here are some BHS job vacancies: Junior buyer – home, design manager – women’s wear, buying associate – furniture, and assistant merchandiser – level 3 – lingerie. Since all these positions are for the head office of BHS, successful candidates will be working in Marylebone. Just in case you don’t find BHS job vacancies that match your criteria, you can still go ahead and send your CV to their site. They might find you the perfect position to fill if you have the right level of passion, energy and commitment to retail and service.


British Home Stores Careers

by admin on September 14, 2010

BHS job vacancies in the head office offer an attractive salary plus benefits. If you find the position of junior buyer for the Home Buying team interests you, you can go ahead and apply for the position. If you succeed, you’ll be playing and important part in supporting the divisional strategy of the company. With your contributions to the decision on product development, profit can be driven to Home Buying at BHS while you also get to provide customers with fantastic pieces for the rooms of their homes.

The design manager position on the other hand gives you the role that reports to the divisional buying director. Here, you contribute to the development of the brand strategy that BHS has as well as identifying opportunities for building the brand’s market position. The role of the individual filling the BHS job vacancies consists of participating in the design process, team management and health and safety. For in store positions in the BHS job vacancies, there are more choices with regard to location. You can work in Woking, Great Yarmouth, Oxford, Lakeside, or Bromley.

Slots for visual manager, operations manager, sales floor manager, commercial manager etc. are available in BHS job vacancies. If you choose the position of visual manager, you can get to work at Norwich. If you have a knack for sales, service, people, profit and standards, you just might be the person to take this role at BHS. In return for the support you provide the store manager in maximizing profit and driving sales, you get an attractive salary and benefits. Working with a team, you have the room to create good ideas that will give you experience and help the company grow.

There are so many advantages in looking at BHS job vacancies when you’re looking to get established in a career in retail. Aside from helping yourself, you get to be part of a large company that provides great service to people.